MTIF’s range of services has been designed to ensure you are supported across all stages of the New Product Development cycle from bench to bedside. The MTIF services are delivered through the combined complementary skills and competencies of MTIF and the
Strategic Partners.


MTIF’s academic team consists of experts working in healthcare related research and development, across a wide range of disciplines. The academic team can contribute to concept development and appraisal, technical due diligence, proof of concept, prototyping and more.

Business Intelligence

Whether its market size and segmentation, understanding the competition or looking at financial implications, the Medilink team can assist you. EMAHSN and Medilink can help you navigate the challenges of developing a business case for the NHS.

Product development and prototyping

Together the MTIF partners can help to develop a workable solution and develop a prototype. CHEATA brings its deep expertise in NHS related requirements and considerations such that products can be adopted and used by the NHS.

Clinical trials

The NHS Trusts are key partners for the design, development and implementation of clinical trials and accessing clinical input and expertise into the product development cycle. The NHS Trusts have access to patient groups and clinicians and can configure clinical trials in line with your specific product development.

Regulatory support

Our team can provide regulatory support across the total product development and commercialisation cycle. Our partner CHEATA has key expertise in this area, as do the NHS Trusts we work with. Ensuring the regulatory requirements are adhered to is a key part of any medical device development project.

Scale up and manufacturing support

As many projects start from an idea to address a need, or from an exciting technological breakthrough looking for an application, the challenge of scale up and manufacturing is often an afterthought, that can add time and cost to a product development.

Access to finance

Financial support can be available to you throughout different stages of your project journey. EMAHSN can direct you to a range of local and national funding opportunities offering investment at all stages of product and service development – from early stages through to testing and commercialisation.

Access to NHS Markets

EMAHSN connects, entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs and big business with those working in the health and care system, voluntary sector and public health; helping companies navigate organisational complexity and opening doors to new markets.


At every stage we will support you in aligning your development programme to the Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) 2017/745 and In Vitro Diagnostics Regulation (IVDR) 2017/746.
The implementation of both regulations puts greater emphasis on the assessment, safety, performance and clinical evaluation of your product. Our unique partnership can help you navigate the regulatory landscape from bench to bedside