MTIF´s clean rooms house the latest in Micro and Nano-fabrication processes and equipment. The facility works on silica, glass, metal and polymer substrates using a range of deposition techniques including spin coaters, magnetron sputtering and Atomic Layer Deposition followed by annealing, curing, and sintering as required. A wide range of patterning processes are available including mask-less photolithography, laser ablation and laser processing.


Plasma Etcher
Plasma Etching

Thin Films Laboratory

A variety of assistive technologies for materials deposition, including physical and chemical deposition techniques, such as RF magnetron sputtering, atomic layer deposition and thermal evaporation of Nano-engineered coatings and thin films. These are applicable across a broad range of industrial applications such as, optical coatings, plasmonic thin films, SERS sensors and large-area electronic devices.


Laser Processing Lab
Laser Processing Lab

Laser Processing Laboratory

Specialised laser processing facility for developing new materials or functionalising existing materials, in controlled environments. Capable of investigating all the parameters of this multiparametric processing technique in the design, implementation and testing of materials for nano-structuring, texturing and functionalisation.



JA Wollam IR-VASE Mark II Ellipsometer

Photonics Laboratory

Part of the specialised material and surface modification capability utilising photonic processing in controlled environments. The interaction of light with materials is exploited using a suite of state-of-the-art optical metrology techniques including a unique IR Spectroscopic Ellipsometer that accurately measures the dielectric permittivity of materials in the spectral range of 1.7 – 40 microns.

Of particular interest is the control and enhancement of the light-matter interaction with suitably engineered nanostructures, such as optical antennas or resonators. The manipulation of optical fields at the Nanometer scale is important for enhancing the performance and efficiency of photodetectors, light emitting devices and optical sensors.

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