STERIS OR HexaVue™ Integrated Theatre Suite

MTIF has partnered with STERIS UK to bring you the UK’s first OR Suite, equipped with the HexaVue™ OR Integration System. With cutting edge features and connectivity it is available to use completely unrestricted by clinical lists. Giving you the opportunity to train, rehearse and develop technologies for next-generation surgery.


Cutting Edge Connectivity

The STERIS OR Integrated Theatre Suite is designed to connect technology, information and personnel throughout the hospital to create a system that enhances workflows by reducing dependency on mobile equipment, simplifying connections and streamlining the OR.

The high-tech equipment provides a simple, single point of control that allows surgical teams to route all the images, video, audio and data they want to any monitor, recording device or remote location in real time to make timely, accurate patient care decisions, and document the procedure.

Staff within the OR can also have limitless access to patient information archives and resources which establishes smarter interconnectivity between the outside world to improve clinical outcomes and lessen the amount of traffic moving in and out of the sterile operating environment.

Training, Testing and Development

The OR Integrated Theatre Suite recreates the hospital environment which can be used to:

• Train surgical teams, being able to see how effectively they would perform in the OR environment as well as do live streaming procedures for training.

• Get clinician feedback on the ease of the use of certain medical instruments.

• Work with healthcare professionals in a nonsurgical relaxed environment to assess working practices and methodology, being able to identify potential risks.

• Test the high-quality equipment without the burden of making a high investment.

• Develop virtual reality surgery, surgical robotics and robotic techniques.

Apply usability engineering and human factors of new medical devices and In Vitro Diagnostics and integrate them into the system.

Bespoke Development Services

The Integrated Theatre suite has HD and 4K video routing which offers the surgical team visibility to critical information, supporting informed treatment decisions, synchronised activity, and better patient outcomes.

The Harmony iQ™ Perspectives™ Image Management System supports later review of surgical images and recordings, and exports directly to the Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

The VuCapture™Digital Recording System enables workers to capture surgical procedures in stunning high-definition detail and associate them with patient case data, then print, save or export.

The SignatureSuite™ creates a calming environment with relaxing multimedia which reduces the patient’s anxiety before a procedure. This can be done by dimming the lights or displaying calming media on monitors, such as a beach scene as the patient enters the OR.

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Unparralleled Access

MTIF has partnered with STERIS UK to install the OR Hexavue Integrated Theatre Suite, the first of its type in the UK and make it available to you unhindered by clinical lists or hospital use. Whether you are looking to train a surgical team, explore virtual and augmented reality surgery, trial new surgical instruments or develop innovative surgical robotics, the OR Integrated Theatre Suite can be used to support your projects.