The FDSS/μCELL is an easy to use, purpose-built kinetic plate reader that screens various biomaterials at high throughput. The FDSS/μCELL dispenses in 96 / 384 wells while fluorescence or luminescence measurements are taken simultaneously in 96 / 384 / 1536 wells using a highly sensitive Hamamatsu camera. Capturing cell dynamics in vitro under the same conditions as in vivo is key to replicating a patient’s response to biomaterials.

Additional features of the FDSS/μCELL making it the best solution for Biocompatibility research:

  • High speed acquisition – high speed reading (up to 200kHz) is a key factor to detect changes in wells accurately.
  • Temperature control – temperature can be maintained at physiological sample temperature +35 °C to 37 °C for all wells in a plate.
  • Electric Field Stimulation (EFS) – EFS system adds electric field stimulation to all 96 wells simultaneously during fluorescence measurement.