MedTech Product Design

MTIF can work with you to design your proprietary medical technologies in compliance with the requirements of ISO 13485. Our in-house design team has experience in working on projects of all sizes and offers a fully integrated design and consultancy service relative to innovative medical technologies.

Product Development

Product design and prototyping is often a vital step in taking medical technologies from bench to bedside.

At MTIF, we can help you take your product from ideation to market launch by making it easier for you to access the insights and expertise you need.

We use an iterative design process, involving testing, validation and generating evidence in both laboratory and clinical practice.

Helping you

We can help you to:

  • Rapidly create prototypes in degradable or non-degradable forms using polymers, composites and metals, as well as organic and inorganic blends.
  • Engage patients in the design process by working with our NHS partners to ensure your product delivers an exceptional patient experience.
  • Design for manufacture so you can address problems early on and keep costs down.
  • Design for the environment so your entire product life cycle is optimised for sustainability and efficiency.

Our unique approach


Our rich multidisciplinary ecosystem enables us to combine our product design, prototyping and biomaterials expertise to help you develop the next generation of digitally-enabled medical technologies.

We combine our experience of developing interfaces for medical device applications as diverse as patient controlled sedation and surgical robotics with our artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. This enables us to provide a unique and integrated approach to developing innovative medical technologies.

Human Factor Analysis

Human factor analysis considers how a person interacts with the systems surrounding them, including the medical technology they use. Clinical outcomes very much depend on the design of the medical technology, the person using it and the environment in which they are using it.

Our multi-disciplinary approach to human factors analysis will help you design products that suit users and are also safe and effective.

Hardware and Software Interfacing

Hardware and Software Interfacing is a key skill set that will enable medical technologies to be at the heart of healthy ageing and independent living. We have the expertise to support you develop remote sensing, complex data analytics and remote interventions that will allow people to remain safe and independent for longer. Our experience in developing interfaces for medical device applications as diverse as patient controlled sedation and surgical robotics combined with our machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.