MRI for Imaging and Sensing

Our flagship system, a 1.5T whole body Siemens MRI is maintained and run in a replicated hospital environment allowing us to offer a full complement of services, from quick and responsive sample evaluation to clinical trials.

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Approachable and Experienced

Unlike other organisations with magnetic resonance capability, MTIF focuses on providing a full package of support from experiment design, through imaging to result analysis and interpretation. No previous knowledge or experience of MRI are needed to engage our services. With extensive experience in developing magnetic resonance hardware comes a strong understanding of developing Magnetic Resonance Safe devices and instruments.


MTIF MRI Imaging

Adding Value to the Process

In addition to MRI imaging, we have a wide range of low field sensing systems which are well suited to small sample analysis both directly and for magnetically detected assay. Our services are further supported by an onsite team of scientists who create bespoke magnetic resonance instrumentation. This is a rapidly emerging field which sees the creation of hardware specifically to measure or monitor a single type of sample. By removing the complexity of being able to measure any sample type, the system costs are reduced by an order of magnitude. We have previously constructed such systems which give a traffic light response eliminating the need for local experts to run the systems.


Bespoke Development Services

We can assist with any step in the process of creating devices for use with MRI systems from concept design, through material choices to testing for certification.
Below are examples of some of the services MTIF can offer. However please contact us to discuss your unique project requirements:
• Simple one-off MRI imaging of human, and other materials, with or without analysis and interpretation
• Routine sample monitoring or retained responsive sample monitoring (e.g. urgent product recall)
• Experimental protocol design for MRI studies
• MRI compatibility design advice and testing
• Creation of bespoke instruments
• Scanning challenging samples