Access to Healthcare Markets

Identifying a potential market and making sure your product meets its needs means meeting specific cost and efficacy criteria.

We believe that by helping you address the challenges and needs of the NHS you will have a proposition that is strong enough to be used in various markets worldwide. So whether you are looking to sell in America, Europe, Japan or elsewhere we can help.

Helping you

As part of this service, we will work alongside our partners to help you:

  • Identify potential markets in the NHS
  • Identify the best procurement route for you
    within the NHS
  • Compile the evidence you need to demonstrate your product is cost effective for the NHS and
    beneficial to patients

World class experts on hand to support your project

Whatever support your project needs, we’re here to help its development. Let’s move things forward, together.

Our unique approach

Our strategic partner East Midlands Academic Health Science Network (EMAHSN) connects businesses of all sizes, with those working in the health and care system, voluntary sector and public health. They help companies navigate organisational complexity and open doors to new markets.

We also work with East Midlands’ Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) and Integrated Care Systems (ICS) to identify common challenges. We put industry in touch with these networks, as part of our Innovation Exchange, to facilitate development, test and share solutions.

Many of our current demonstrator projects were successfully developed this way and have helped stimulate business growth and the local economy while also improving services for patients.