Violet Technologies is joining MTIF’s facilities

We are excited to welcome Violet Technologies to MTIF’s microbiology facilities! Violet Technologies is a beauty-tech company setting out to solve the problem of dirty makeup. The company will be using our equipment to test their new makeup disinfecting technology.

Did you know, 79-90% of makeup products are ridden with e-coli, staph infection, and other dangerous microbes that most commonly cause skin irritation and acne? Violet is set out on a mission to clean the makeup with light, making it healthier to use and for longer. Founded in 2020, Violet has gone on to receive recognition by winning Global Grad Show and being featured at Dutch Design Week.

“The facilities at MTIF are extremely impressive and state of the art – perfect for a startup whose main focus is innovation in the health space.  In addition to the facilities, there is huge value in the network we will become a part of as members of the MTIF community. Violet Technologies is very excited to work with the MTIF team to disrupt the beauty industry.”

 Moenika Chowdhury, CEO & Founder of Violet Technologies

“We are delighted to welcome the Violet Technologies team to MTIF, and to be able to support such an exciting start up on their journey to developing an innovative beauty products steriliser. It is a great fit for the mission of MTIF to bring innovative companies to the Midlands region and to demonstrate what product development support is on offer, not only from MTIF but from our network of regional partners. We wish Violet Technologies LLC every success and look forward to playing our part in their growth.”

Dr Robert Reisel, Managing Director of MTIF