MTIF partners Quantum Design UK and Ireland

Partnership provides unique access to view and use the JA Woollam IR VASE II Spectroscopic Ellipsometer.

MTIF partners with Hamamatsu Photonics UK Ltd

Partnership provides unique access to use cutting edge high through-put technology to screen compounds for pharmacological

MTIF Enters Into Memorandum of Understanding with Anthony Nolan Cell & Gene Therapy Services.

Agreement will accelerate the development of innovative cell therapies to improve the lives of patients

MTIF appoints to key leadership team positions.

New blood test can confirm presence of prostate cancer, removing need for painful biopsies

Scientists and clinicians have developed a simple blood test which can confirm the presence or absence of prostate cancer and remove the need for unnecessary invasive and painful biopsies.

Tiny transporters could be treatment for stroke patients

Swarms of nanoparticles which are 15,000 times smaller than a pinhead may be able to deliver vital drugs to the brain, offering new hope to patients in the early stages of a stroke.

Nottingham Universities provide help to enable more tests for COVID-19

Universities in Nottingham have today supplied 16 machines to support the national effort in the fight against COVID-19.

New magnetic resonance approach could identify high risk of pre-eclampsia

Scientists have developed a new magnetic resonance (MR) system which could be used to more effectively identify pregnant women at high-risk of pre-eclampsia.

New project to explore memories of mental health care provision in Nottingham awarded funding

The National Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has awarded a grant of £10,000 to the Department of Social Work, Care and Communities at Nottingham Trent University, for a new project entitled 'The Heritage of Nottingham Mental Health Provision: Memories of Early Care in the Community'.

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