Really Clever’s experience at MTIF

Really Clever is a fungal discovery platform, pioneering new solutions to some of the planet’s most pressing problems. They create groundbreaking products, from innovative biomaterials to bio agrochemicals that do not cost the earth. Their unique model pinpoints specific types of mushrooms, matching the fungus characteristics with potential commercial applications, before developing them into products.

During their time in MTIF they developed their first product, a leather like biomaterial which has already reached cost parity with animal leather and is demonstrating performance metrics for the fashion industry. This fully bio based low energy intensive material provides brands with a sustainable material for their customers.

 “Working with MTIF was extremely valuable as a pre-revenue start up. Where capital was too tight to buy equipment and space, MTIF offered us a wide variety of equipment we were able to rent on very short-term contracts. This allowed us to conduct experiments quickly, efficiently and cheaply.”

Matthew Millar, Co-Founder of Really Clever