Xianfeng Chen


Xianfeng Chen is an Associate Professor in Physics and Bio-nano-photonics at Nottingham Trent University. His research centres on exploiting cutting-edge technologies by combining innovative methods and new nanomaterials to enable the next-generation of integrated nano-photonic platform for biosensing and biomedical imaging in healthcare, early diagnosis, food safety and environmental monitoring.

Some of the biggest developments in the realm of the very small are emerging from fields of nanotech, photonics and biotechnology. Their integration opens the door to revolutionary applications in fields including healthcare, medicine and environmental monitoring.

Dr Xianfeng Chen

Current Research Areas & Activities

The Light-matter interaction

Design and fabrication of photonic devices

2D materials synthesis, deposition & characterisation

Biomaterials and photothermal therapy

Biosensing and biomedical imaging

Diagnostics and health car

Specialises in


Nano-photonic technologies for

healthcare & environmental monitorin

Thin film nano-coating

Opto-microfluidic biochips

Optical sensors and network

Label-free biosensors

Point-of-care medical device

Early diagnostics and rapid detection

Selected Publications

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C. Liu, L. Zhou, Z. Sun, B. Xu, H. Mao, J. Zhao, L. Zhang, X. Chen, “Graphene oxide functionalized long period fiber grating for highly sensitive hemoglobin detection,” Sens. Actuators B: Chemical, Vol. 261, 91-96, 2018.

C. Liu, Q. Cai, B. Xu, W. Zhu, L. Zhang, J. Zhao, X. Chen, “Graphene oxide functionalized long period grating for ultrasensitive label-free immunosensing,” Biosens. Bioelectron. Vol. 94, 200-206, 2017.