Miltenyi Prodigy

New CliniMACS Prodigy from Miltenyi Biotec at our Research Facility

We are excited to introduce The CliniMACS Prodigy from Miltenyi Biotec now installed at MTIF. The CliniMACS Prodigy is an end-to-end closed system allowing for automated cell processing, enrichment, expansion and formulation of your cell products for therapy. MTIF holds a whole suite of Miltenyi Biotec instruments that can be utilised to support cell product and process design as well as development from the laboratory bench right through to the Cleanroom environment.

We offer a wide variety of cell processing applications which are supported by the CliniMACS Prodigy including:

– CART cell manufacturing

– Adherent cell culture system

– Customised Applications Service

Learn more about what the CliniMACS Prodigy from Miltenyi Biotec can offer here.