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Genomic Sequencing

The Medical Technologies Innovation Facility has under its range of state-of-the-art equipment a suite of Oxford Nanopore instruments capable of both high throughput and long whole genomic sequencing runs. These consist of:




High throughput services can process >1500 samples in 24 hours using novel barcoding technologies.

MinION, the portable DNA/RNA sequencing, has a system capacity, translated into bases per 72 hour run per flow cell (at 450 bps), of 60 Gb. The MinION device and flow cells´ main capabilities of 512 channels and data delivered in real time which can be run for as long or as little as required.

GridION, the on-demand benchtop sequencing, runs up to 5 MinION/Flongle flow cells at any one time. Its system capacity consists of a theoritacl maximum of 300 Gb (>250Gb for internal best).

Capabilities at a glance

Whole Genome Sequencing

De novo assembly, Scaffolding and finishing ,Variant analysis: structural variation, SNVs, phasing, base modifications, Resequencing.

Targeted Sequencing

Amplicon and PCR-free enrichment, 16S rRNA analysis, Variant analysis: structural variation, SNVs, phasing, base modifications.

RNA Sequencing

Direct RNA and direct DNA, Characterise and quantity full-length transcripts, Identify splice variants and gene fusions, Sequence complete viral genomes, Detect base modifications.


Real time, unbiased analysis of mixed samples, Enanheced species identification using long reeds.


Methylation, Histone modification, Non-coding RNA activity.