STERIS helps its customers create a healthier and safer world by providing innovative healthcare, life sciences and dental products and services. The organisation offers a unique mix of innovative capital equipment products, such as sterilizers, surgical tables, equipment management systems and connectivity solutions like the operating room integration.

MTIF has partnered with STERIS to bring to the UK the first  HexaVue™ OR Integrated Theatre Suite available for use. The Integrated OR is equiped with cutting edge features which enhance workflows by reducing dependency on mobile equipment, simplifying connections and streamlining the OR.

Whether you are looking to train a surgical team, explore virtual and augmented reality surgery, trial new surgical instruments or develop innovative surgical robotics, the OR Integrated Theatre Suite can be used to support your projects. Learn all the benefits the HexaVue™ OR Integrated system offers by downloading the brochure.

HexaVue™ OR Integrated SYSTEM Brochure