The technical collaboration will enable customers the ability to view and utilise the Hamamatsu’s Functional Drug Screening System (FDSS) µCELL, the first one to be made available in the UK.

The FDSS/μCELL is a compact, easy to use screening system that enables monitoring of GPCRs and ion channels for drug discovery and life science research.

Screening various compounds at high throughput (96 / 384 well assays) is enabled by fluorescence or luminescence measurements using a highly sensitive Hamamatsu camera, which captures cell dynamics under the same conditions with no time lag between wells.

It is also capable of recording changes in electrical potential in iPSC-derived neuronal and cardiac stem cells to gain a better understanding of toxic compound effects.

We are really excited about this new partnership between Hamamatsu and the team at MTIF helping to make such advanced instrumentation available to hundreds of potential users throughout the UK research community

Tim Stokes, Managing Director of Hamamatsu Photonics UK Ltd.