The T-3002-PRO is a high precision, operator controlled semiautomatic die attach and die sorter machine for picking and placing bare semiconductor devices from up to 200mm (8″) wafer or 2/4″ waffle packs or GEL paks, passive components and other devices used in microelectronic and related assemblies.

The PRO equipped systems incorporate a motorised Z axis, providing active force measurement on every pickup and placement removing operator induced variation, which is ideal for the bonding of delicate devices and for providing precise control of bondline thickness. It is suitable for all kind of Si, GaAs and InP dies down to 30µm thickness. Its modular system covers virtually all die pick-place applications.The equipment features superior ergonomic design, high-accuracy and a large 220 x 220mm assembly area with 95mm of Z travel, making it ideal for R&D through low volume production or custom assembly requirements.

What is a die attach or die bonder for short

Die Bonding is the process of attaching a semiconductor die either to its package or to a substrate. The die is been picked up by a vacuum tool, aligned to the target substrate and finally permanently attached, using one of several die bonding techniques:

  • Epoxy Die bonding
  • UV die bonding
  • Silver sintering die bonding
  • Eutectic die bonding
  • Solder paste die bonding
  • Thermocompression die bonding
  • Flip chip die bonding

Additional Features

Treskys’ True Vertical Technology™ guarantees parallelism between chip and substrate at any bond height, plus integrated time/pressure dispensers.

The modular T-3002-PRO Die Attach and Die Sort system also includes an extensive range of options, comprising: Beam splitters for Flip-chip applications, Eutectic Scrub & Gas Heating for Eutectic Die Attach, Solder / Epoxy Dispenser, Epoxy Stamping, Pickup Tool Heating, Ultrasonic Bond Heads, Secondary Preform Spindle, Flip Chip Station, Waffle & Gel Pak Tooling, Substrate Holders, Static and Dynamic Heating Plates and alignment / inspection options.