Dr Yang Wei is the senior lecturer in electronic engineering at the Department of Engineering, Nottingham Trent University, and the lead of smart wearable research (SWR) group. He has been working in the field of electronic textiles for 10 years and his research interests include electronic textiles, wearable medical textiles, developing printable functional materials, and microfabrication and packaging, He is currently a member of the steering committee for the EPSRC e-textiles network (EP/R031738/1), acts as an EU expert reviewer, and is reviewer for international journals including Advanced Materials.

Unnecessary hospital visits and re-admissions due to poorly managed personal health are major issues. We are here to transform medical technologies to improve human health through wearable technologies

Dr Yang Wei

Current Research Areas & Activities

Wearable physiological parameters monitoring system
Wearable electric stimulation
Wound care and improvement
Lymphedema management with wearable sensors

Specialises in

Medical electronic textile design and characterisation

Medical sensor/stimulator development
Printed, flexible and stretchable electronics

RFID and NFC solutions for textile applications

Selected Publications

Y Wei, N Gracheva and J Tudor, A study of Eulerian video magnification as a non-invasive method to reveal subtle pulse rate information, In Book: Advances in Computational Intelligence System, 2020.

M Liu, T Ward, H Matos, D Young, Y Wei, J Adams, S Beeby, K Yang, Electronic textiles based wearable electrotherapy for pain relief, Sensors and Actuators A, Physic, 2019.

A Komolafe, R Torah, Y Wei, H Nunes-Matos, M Li, D Hardy, T Dias, J Tudor and S Beeby, Integrating Flexible Filament Circuits for E-Textile Applications, Advanced Materials Technologies, 2019.

R. Torah, Y. Wei, N. Grabham, Y. Li, M. De Vos, T. Todorov, B. Popov, V. Marinov, S. Stoyanov, V. Todorov and J. Tudor, Enabling Technology for Smart Fabric Design and Printing, Journal of Textiles and Fibrous Material, 2019.

K Yang, K Meadmore, C Freeman, N Grabham, AM Hughes, Y Wei, R Torah, M Glanc-Gostkiewicz, S Beeby and J Tudor, Development of user-friendly wearable electronic textiles for healthcare applications, Sensors, 18(8), 2018.