Philippe is a Professor at Nottingham Trent University bridging the gap between the School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences and the Medical Technologies Innovation Facility. His work focusses on the One Health agenda: recognising the interrelations between people, animals, plants and their environment and working at multiple scales to improving health outcomes across the spectrum.

Particularly focussing on the multisectorial advantages of collaborative human and animal medicine, Philippe works closely with both the NHS and leading veterinary organisations to innovate in medical diagnostics for detection, treatment and prevention.

His group were the first to demonstrate accurate metabolic profiling on portable, or benchtop, NMR/MRI for disease detection and stratification, whilst developing computational intelligence tools to support clinical decision-making in human and animal medicine. Moreover, he works with international industrial and commercial partners to support product and medtech development through robust testing, technical consultancy and assessment.

The environment and facilities at MTIF are a catalyst for biomedical advances and the central hub for advancing the One Health agenda; really delivering in healthcare innovation from people through to animals

Professor Philippe Wilson

Current Research Areas & Activities

– Translational medical technologies for the early detection of metabolic conditions
– Multiscale -omics for translational and personalised medicine
– Computational techniques in the analysis of healthcare data to support clinical decision-making in the NHS and veterinary care
– Commercial medtech innovation for product evaluations

Specialises in

Applications of computational techniques in bio and chemical sciences

Low-field, benchtop NMR (bNMR)

Biomedicine and biomedical imaging

Selected Publications

DELL, A.C., CURRY, M.C., YARNELL, K.M., STARBUCK, G.R. and WILSON, P.B., 2020. Mitochondrial D-loop sequence variation and maternal lineage in the endangered Cleveland Bay horse. PLoS ONE, 15 (12): e0243247.

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