Our team

Our dedicated team of technical professionals in MTIF has been set up to support our customers across a range of services, and will work closely with lead academics in NTU and other experts that we partner with. The dedicated team in MTIF is in place to ensure projects are delivered and managed professionally, efficiently and maintain momentum at the pace industry needs to reach its goals.

Our Project Managers can manage small scale sprint projects right through to large scale collaborative projects spanning months or years.

Our Development Engineers, have a broad range of skills required to service the diverse requirements of developing medical devices.

Our Technologists are there to assist with the use of equipment, either with you or for you and ensure the equipment is well maintained and kept operational.

Our Researchers provide the project specific in-depth specialist knowledge required for the research and development of specific medical devices.

We are building our commercial and technical teams. If you would like a career working in this ambitious team, focused on delivering medical technologies and medical devices to the healthcare market, then please contact mike.hannay@ntu.ac.uk