Facilitated Laboratory Rental

MTIF´s custom-built facility, based in Nottingham UK, offers access to a variety of flexible laboratory spaces to aid in your development projects. With facilitated wet lab, BSL-2 and clean lab spaces, we can help your business innovate in medical technologies. Find the laboratory that suits your business best at MTIF.


Innovation, Flexibility, Expertise

From conducting fundamental research to innovating in new medical technologies, our flexible and well appointed laboratory space can help your business turn ideas into reality.

MTIF offers flexible rental terms as well as the capability to use our state-of-art equipment, enabling SME’s and start-ups to be dynamic in their experimental approach, without wasting their resources supporting the burden of facility ownership and maintenance. Futhermore, with the right expertise and experience, our team of experts is capable of providing support in your project’s development.

Our lab space has helped companies like Deep Branch Bio in their journey to achieving their goals, in this case converting environmental carbon dioxide into protein, which can be used as a feed source for animals such as fish and chickens and potentially humans in the future. You can benefit from the same support, speak to us about how we can help you achieve your aims.

We have our main research and development lab at MTIF, we absolutely love the space here, it’s allowed us to create good quality research and the whole MTIF team have been really accommodating and supportive.

Lucy Epton, Laboratory Manager of Deep Branch