Our facilities

Autoclave Rooms

Autoclaves for the preparation, treatment and sterilisation of materials.

GMP Class C Clean Rooms

Three GMP class C clean rooms featuring large areas for clinical trial manufacture and process development. Three individual spaces providing large areas for fabrication, process development, pilot plant development, scale up of material and equipment and manufacturing trials.

ISO Class 5 Clean Rooms

An ISO Class 5 yellow room houses the latest maskless photolithography tool which allows submicron patterning of photopolymers of coated substrates. This is backed up by a full photopolymer processing capability and dedicated wet chemical processing stations, including one for etching cavities in glass substrates using hydrofluoric acid.


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Device Preparation and Finishing Suite

General purpose processing area for early prototypes.

Multi User Devices Laboratory

A flexible space that facilitates the development of medical devices. A range of prototyping tools are available to take designs from concept to initial prototype and is supported through access to the engineering workshops of the Engineering Department. Key technologies include a range of 3D printing tools, robotic spray coating and syringe dispensing, roll to roll printing and coating, microelectronics assembly, laser cutting and 3D design tools