Our facilities

Biocompatibility Laboratory

In vitro validated and standardised testing (ISO10993) of materials using primary and immortalised cells. Full tissue culture facilities with analytical tools including flow cytometry, microscopy and PCR.

Tissue Culture Laboratory

Primary and immortalised in vitro cell culture facilities to enable cell-material interaction experimentation, as well as bioreactor systems for perfusion, flow and mechanical environments.

Bioactive Surface Laboratory

A range of techniques for delivering information on the amount of material adsorbed and the energetics of the interaction, including direct chemical imaging of the biomaterial interface.

Equipment for preparing materials, modifying surfaces, determining interactions between biomolecules, cells and materials, and analysing materials’ surface structure.

Microbiology Laboratory

Electro Spinning Laboratory

Bespoke electrospinning tools for fabrication of extremely thin, aligned and non-woven suspended nanofibre membranes, as well as very thick nanofibrous materials. Dedicated robotic coating tools allow medical grade coatings to be combined with nanofibrous scaffolds. Full traceability is provided through techniques such as extensional rheometry, and electrical conductivity.