Overview of people using scientific equipment

Human Factors

It is important to not only just consider the human in isolation, but rather as part of a wider system. That system may  apply to a particular technology, an organisation, or the wider environment. However, the human within this system is a critical factor that can determine success or failure. At MTIF we are able to provide Human Factors expertise that can ensure that the human is central to the design of new technologies, systems or practices – providing vital input in terms of understanding human error and decision making. Related to this we can provide the means by which to assess how the human interacts and performs – either with other humans or with a given technology.

Within MTIF we are able to provide Human Factors expertise that can be tailored to assist in addressing your research question. This can be at the start of a project and generation of user requirements through user-centred design, or designing robust evaluations of human performance to provide a measure of effectiveness.  We also have expertise in human-systems integration for complex systems – so if you are developing advanced technologies that require human monitoring or interaction we can provide guidance.

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