Multipurpose Fast Ramping ATV PEO-604 Furnace:

The PEOs are ideal for R&D, process development of unique and sophisticated new processes as well for low to medium volume production. It firstl furnace was developed for thick film paste firing. Since that a large variety of new and different processes and applications were added. ATV applies its PEO  series successfully also in semiconductor market segment.

The PEO series is ideal tool for R&D purposes and pilot line production tool. It can be applied easily for new unique and sophisticated process development as well as to low to medium volume production applications. It also has several key aspects integrated and can handle wafers up to 200mm.

Applications that can use the ATV PEO 604:

Wet Oxidation, Dry Oxidation, P Type Diffusion, N Type Diffusion, Annealing, Vacuum Baking, Thick Film Firing, Glass Paste Firing, and Multiple Processes without cross contamination by ATV’s easily replaceable Quartz In-liner System. LPCVD, CVD, Epitaxy, Polysilicon, Silicon Nitride, LTO, TEOS, solid/liquid/gas precursor diffusion, low k, HSQ, HMDS, wet/dry thermal oxide, Pyrogenic oxidation, VECSEL, MOCVD, Trans LC, Si nano wires, post implanting annealing, carbon nano tubes, Graphene, solar cell, batch ALD, Polyimide/BCB curing, wafer bump reflow, alloying, thick film paste firing, LTCC sintering, annealing under inert atmosphere/Hydrogen/high vacuum, Tellurium/Se/Hg PVD.

Industry segments requiring a spin coater

  • Semiconductor
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical Electronics
  • Photonic Assembly
  • Microelectronics
  • Universities
  • Medical Devices.